ENGIE's mission is to act as a partner that takes INTEGRATED CHARGE of managing, operating and maintaining technical facilities as well as any other service needed for smooth operation of its client’s business.
All our services are founded on continuing quality improvement and dedication to efficiency, cost control and maintenance of the client’s equipment value.​

Technical management contract
We offer technical management contracts specifically tailored to our clients’ needs; we take on the responsibility for preventive maintenance, repairs and monitoring of electro-mechanical facilities, as well as management of energy and environmental efficiency.

Comprehensive guarantee
ENGIE guarantees optimized operation of your building systems at a fixed cost. This amount includes labour to diagnose the problem, parts, disassembly work, handling, reassembly and other necessary operations to remedy the situation.

Energy management
Our energy management plan guarantees savings without investment beyond that stipulated in the contract. These savings are generated with no improvement or replacement of equipment.

Utilities management
ENGIE ensures its clients benefit from the best rates, based on their energy profile, through energy invoices tracking. This monitoring detects any billing error or any factor that could be optimized.

Management of non-critical business activities
We have also developed vast knowledge of integrated management for subcontracting services. Our clients who seek a single manager can benefit from our experience and all our “best practices.”

On-call service
ENGIE​ has an emergency response team perman​ently on call for very quick response to a critical equipment breakdown or failure.
Our call centre is available to clients 24/7 and has all necessary remote alarm, surveillance and management equipment to ensure the best service quality.