​​​Technical services management for the industrial sector and energy use and yield optimization require specific expertise that ENGIE has intensively developed through its extensive industry experience.

Integrated technical management and facility management
In the industrial sector, our expertise covers a very broad range of services.
• Comprehensive utilities maintenance
• Supply of energy, heating, cooling, refrigeration, lighting and electricity
• Optimization of energy use and costs
• Air and water treatment and compressed air supply
• Environmental services (waste and sewage treatment)
• Management of all building services activities

Specific maintenance programs
Our services can meet other routine industry requirements, such as implementation of maintenance programs tailored to production dictates, or troubleshooting and rapid response guarantees, 24/7 year round.

Comprehensive solution
ENGIE can also include the full range of facility and project management. We can develop a comprehensive, innovative and economical solution.

Tailor-made contracts and commitments on specific results
The industry expertise acquired by ENGIE​ gives us the ability to present tailor-made solutions, comprehensive services and commitments on specific results.
We can provide results-based contracts that include:
• Supply of compressed air, steam, heat, ventilation, air conditioning and industrial refrigeration
• Management of heat production and water treatment equipment
• Facility energy performance